Do you need help now?

Why we do it

Richie’s Recovery Residences wants to help.

Reason one

Kelly Riley is in recovery and has more than 25 years of recovery. In turn, wanting to give back what was given to her by build a sober living home in Manchester, NH.

Reason two

Kelly lost her own son Richie in 2007 due to an opiate overdose. She prides herself on making sure these young men that are served by Richie’s Recovery Residences sober living facility have the supportive environment that her son never had.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

Residents come from all walks of life and backgrounds and we welcome all recovery pathways. Whether you are

  • seeking a new living environment
  • just completed a residential treatment facility
  • are homeless

the program at Richies Recovery Residences is designed to offer a safe, substance-free, sober living environment in Manchester, NH while you continue your journey into recovery.

What our recovery clients say

Hear it directly from the source

“I didn’t have a place to call home until Richie’s Recovery Residences pointed me in the right direction.” Nate S.

“Richie’s Recovery Residences helped me add structure to my life and helped me accomplish things I couldn’t do on my own. ” Ronnie S.


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